My House is Haunted!

  Now you may think that is rather an odd statement to make, but I am convinced that my house is haunted by the spirit of my late wife, Sandra.

Shortly after her death, I was having something of a restless night, and was in that sort of  limbo between sleep and wakefulness when I felt someone physically tuck me in to bed, I turned over and was soon asleep. The following morning I thanked my son for what I considered a kind gesture. He absolutely denied all knowledge of it!

A month or so later, my son, his business partner and myself were in the bedroom that doubled as a recording studio. This room due to the value of the recording equipment used within had a thick security door with a combination lock. the combination known only by the three of us present, suddenly the door swung open and Ray, my sons business partner, looked at the door, grinned and said, ‘Come in Sandra!’

Sandra wasn’t a prude, but she hated hearing the ‘F’ word in films and television unless it was a necessary part of the plot, even now, if there is an excess of effing and blinding on tv or film. Sandra signifies her displeasure by flicking the lights on and off several times.

I know this may sound a little far fetched but it is the absolute truth, Sandra is not a malevolent spirit she just likes us to know she is still there !


(c) Damian Grange 2017

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Jack The Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 5 )

  Anyway, to get to the point, I decided that I wanted to emulate him and train to become a physician. It was a respectable career, I don’t think even my somewhat puritanical Mother could argue with that. As soon as I were well enough I would approach my Father with the suggestion that I would like to go to Medical School to train to become a Physician.

In the meantime, I pestered James intolerably, trying to find out what skills I would require, so that I might concentrate on them on my return to boarding school.

James was very patient with my never – ending string of questions, and said, with of course my Father’s permission, he would loan me some simple medical tomes to peruse at my leisure.

I was overjoyed with this offer and asked my Father at my first opportunity, thankfully with reservations he agreed. There was a long way to go, but I had my foot on the first rung of the ladder that I had to climb to earn my Doctorate.

With the books that had been loaned to me by James, and a little coaching by him also. I soon had a rudimentary knowledge of the human anatomy, always a good place to start. It was people I wanted to treat after all. Animals had little appeal to me.

The moment I was restored to health and back on my feet, I was ensconced in my Father’s study pestering him endlessly to send me to Medical School. In order that I might fulfil my dream and become a physician.

My Father was fair, If I wanted this, and I appeared to be dead set on this course. He would support me but only on the understanding that I return to school and achieve top marks in all my subjects. Only then would he give me his blessing and support.

We shook hands on it, and I returned to school with an enthusiasm and sense of purpose that I never had before. My tutors were astounded by my change of attitude. It was not that I had been a bad pupil, just not a focused one, as I was now.

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The Reluctant Vampiress

  Continuing with this weeks Vampire Theme, this Incident is a true story. A few years ago, when I was heavily in to the Goth Scene, My son and I went in to the City to meet up with friends and then go on to a Goth Soiree.

We were dressed in what I supposed could be termed Vampire Goth clothing, a mix of Regency and Victorian Clothing. We were a little early, so we decided to pop for a drink in a Student Bar near to where my son worked.

We entered and stood at the bar having a glass of Claret, we were getting  lots of attention, but we were used to that. We were both relatively slim  and around  six feet tall and both wearing period clothing so it was nothing new to us.

We could sense four young female students observing us, they kept looking towards us then if we looked their way they would look embarrassed and look away. They seemed to be having an argument of some kind, and it appeared to be about us.

Eventually they plucked up the courage and approached us, The spokesperson of the four asked us ‘ Are you Vampires ?’ to which we replied, ‘ We might be, Why ?’ was our studied reply. ‘Are you drinking blood ?’ was the next question. ‘ No! it’s a pleasant little Claret, but we prefer blood, if you are offering ?’ was our retort.

One of the girls, who hadn’t spoken before, suddenly said, ‘ I want to become a Vampire, just like you!’ My son grinned a wolfish grin at her, and took her hand in his, she looked a little uneasy but went along with it.

‘So you are happy for me to drink your blood, my dear ?’ questioned my son, she looked a little frightened, but nodded her head. My son was wearing a thumb ring the point of which protruded slightly, he turned her hand over and ran the point lightly over her wrist.

Her reaction was to scream the place down and run from the building, closely followed by her three friends. I think they had experienced a change of heart ! Fortunately the Bar security staff knew us and were watching the incident unfold, they thought it hilarious.

(c) Damian Grange 2017



Double in Trouble – Excerpt 5

  After I had showered and changed, My saviours said they would drive me to the Airport and fly me home to London. We would have to go to the Airport in the back of a van, I must not be seen or there might be trouble with the locals. It made good sense if we were in a hostile country, so I agreed.

We arrived at the Airport, under cover of darkness, the van drove straight on to the runway and halted at the side of a small passenger plane. No flash jet for me, government cuts must be digging deep. Still it could be worse, at least they are not expecting me to walk home.

I settled down in my seat, a coffee in my hand, the next thing I recall was waking up at Heathrow Airport, we were waved through customs, apparently they knew Mayhew. He had some influence it seemed. There was a car waiting for us, I was booked in to a decent hotel in Central London, with instructions to get a decent meal, a good night’s sleep and they would collect me at 10 a.m. The following morning. it was all very civilised.

I had an excellent meal, followed by a decent bottle of claret, all on expenses naturally its a long time since I’ve had a decent claret, so I relished it.

Sleep evaded me for a while, so many thoughts were milling around in my head. Two things stood out, who was Pyotr? and where did I know my captors from? I was sure that I had been on a shoot with them, or maybe it was something that had been planned, maybe an advertising shoot that had fallen through, it was really bugging me!

Who knows? maybe tomorrow Mayhew and Schultz would enlighten me. They would! but only what they wanted me to know. I still felt that they were hiding something from me. If truth be told I think they are hiding almost everything from me. Do they know who Pyotr is, I wonder?

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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I Wait In Silence For My Lover

  I wait in silent longing, she will be here soon. Are my feelings for her misplaced, we have had, but one kiss albeit on the lips but am I chasing rainbows, or does she care?

I don’t know whether she would love a woman such as I, she is an attractive woman with many friends, of both sexes, would she want someone like me, someone who is unsure of her own sexuality, but adores her from afar.

I anxiously, anticipate her arrival, I quake with longing for her, does she even like women? I truly hope so? I have dreamt of her touch, her kiss, I would give my life for just one kiss from her ruby lips.

When I made that statement! I didn’t know that she was a Vampiress, but it is too late now we are lovers, she kisses my lips, then bites my neck, I give my blood freely, like my love  it flows without hesitation. I love her and if her love kills me at least I will die happy, knowing that at last I have felt love, Real Love!

(C) Damian Grange 2017

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 4 )

  I had it instilled in me, my Fathers sermon on thought, word, and deed, and obeyed it to the letter as did my sibling. I was far from perfect, but I worked hard and in time became a reasonable scholar. This was due in no small measure to the patience and quality of my tutors and I thank them for their help and assistance in my formative years. They who I considered I owed everything, until my world was turned upside down.

I was at home for Half term and just about to celebrate my Fourteenth birthday, when I was taken ill. My Mother immediately put me to bed and sent my brother to fetch the local Doctor.

The Doctor, when he came, was a stranger to me, unbeknown to me our elderly Doctor had retired from practice and this young man had replaced him. He was, as I later discovered  the nephew of our previous Doctor, and he had taken over the practice.

He examined me extremely thoroughly, then announced to my Mother that I had a bad attack of Glandular Fever and that I was to remain in bed and kept isolated for the time being, because of the risk of contagion.

The Doctor, who introduced himself as James, visited me regularly every morning and took great care to see to my health and well-being. When he could spare the time, he kept me company, which I really appreciated. I looked forward to the moments that we spent together.

At the age I was, I suppose I was quite Impressionable, as my health improved I began to see my new friend James as something of an heroic figure. Please bear in mind that a part of the time I was slightly delirious, and he was always there when I needed a friend.

(c) Damian Grange 2017


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  My Master Calls – I Must Obey!

  I wait impatiently, and writhe restlessly in my bed, he will call me soon! I know he will!I will not submit to his call! I will fight it, but I know I can’t win, he has power over me and he will use that power to force me to his side.

I want to fight, to humiliate him, but I can not for I know that I am ordained to be his Bride, and in my heart I know I have no choice, I do want him!

I will submit and surrender my life to him, he has promised me eternity, but do’s he mean it, or will our liaison end in death, My own death!

(c) Damian Grange 2017


Double in Trouble – Excerpt 4

  I was racking my brains, trying to think of anything odd that had happened to me the week or so before my incarceration. There just had to be something, if I could just remember?

I was shooting in Belgrade, views for a travel brochure. When this stranger had come up to me, slapped me on the shoulder and called me Pyotr. I explained to him that I was not Pyotr, but he wasn’t happy, he seemed sure that I was. Things like this happen when you travel a lot, I tend to dismiss it, But maybe this was the reason. Offhand it’s the only thing that makes sense.

Another nagging thought entered my head, my captors, when I had seen them in the light. I knew those faces. This may sound patronising, but as a professional photographer you develop a photographic memory, I recognised them, I may have wanted them for a shoot or maybe a publicity still, I was certain that I knew them, but where from? definitely not the Middle East or anywhere near there.

They may look the part, but I had the feeling that they were either film or tv extras, hired for the job, first chance I get i’ll find them. With my contacts they wouldn’t be hard to find. One joy of being a successful photo/ journalist is the contacts that you make.

  I was more than a little intrigued to hear what my saviours were going to place on the table, it was obvious that there was an ulterior motive to this, I have no idea where I am? But I do know my thoughts have changed, I don’t think I ever left the UK, I think they are trying to con me in to something of a dubious nature, But what can it be?645b37c94c641cf40cf25b77213369a9Photo – Courtesy of Pinterest

(c) Damian Grange 2017


Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 3 )

  I began my life as the second son of a county Cleric. My Father’s Parish, although not a rich one, provided adequately for our family. As both of my Parent’s had inherited money, we lived quite comfortably, if not affluently.

My elder sibling, Giles and I, both attended the village school until the time we were considered old enough to be sent to boarding school. It was the practice of the time for families who were comfortably off to send their offspring to boarding schools.

It was at that time, considered a sound practice to part children from their Parents in order to instil them with discipline and knowledge, without the interference of the said Parents. It was also supposed to be an exercise in character building for the child in question.

I personally quite liked the regimentation of the School, I took easily to the organised lifestyle and made many friends amongst my peers. I suppose I could get up to my share of mischief, like any boy of my age, but before we had left home my Father had instilled in my brother and myself, that we must not disgrace our family name.

  In consequence, I always thought twice before committing even the slightest misdemeanour. Of course, I was not perfect, I did the normal boyish escapades like stealing apples from the local orchard, but then we all did. I feel that I can state in all honesty, That I never committed a criminal act, give or take the odd apple, or a malicious act in all the time that I was away at school. I resisted all temptations!Victorian-school-illus.jpg

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My Lover Of The Night!

  Her perfume is like incense, it invades my room and leaves undeniable traces of her being behind, although she has gone. My bed reeks of her as I lay prone and defenceless awaiting her return.

She will return soon to consummate our love, she has told me of all it entails. That I must die to live again. But I still eagerly await her return.

I care not! for life without her is a life not lived. By my own choice I would rather be dead, than have to live without her.

She has my heart! My Soul! all I have left to offer is life itself, my lover, Please take this miserable life! My last gift to you!

(c) Damian Grange 2017