Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 28

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 28

  Of course, her one weakness, her reputation. Maude was known throughout the town as a pillar of moral rectitude. It would do her character irreparable harm if it were known that she had been carousing drunkenly with the Mayor, and having carnal knowledge of him.

The answer came in a flash of inspiration, he would get one of his women to send Maude a poison pen letter, stating that she had been seen staggering drunkenly out of the Mayor’s abode, attempting to adjust her clothing which was in a state of disarray, her dress tucked in to her knickers as if she had put them back on in a rush. that should get her off my back for a little while, he thought, at least until I’ve carved my share out of the Zombie Weekend.

At the same time, Sanjay Patel, at his office in the town, was instructing Samira in the role she would play in the proceedings. She was to be his deputy, so he wanted her fully briefed as to the situation, she was an intelligent girl and he trusted her completely.

Samira was to welcome the Zombies to the Holiday Camp where they would be staying for the Weekend. Her task was to make sure that they were all settled in comfortably and cheaply, and kept segregated from the other guests.

Samira had already segregated one of the dining halls, exclusively for the use of Zombies only. there were families on the camp and Sanjay insisted that the two parties be kept completely segregated.

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Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 3

Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 3

  The real joy of Shamus was that being such an insignificant little man, he was never took to be of any account, a serious mistake that an enemy only made the once, not one lived long enough to make it twice.

Regarding his appearance, his hair was dark brown, almost black, greying slightly at the temples, his eyes were blue and always seemed to have a mischievous twinkle in them, his nose and mouth were quite ordinary. He had relatively good teeth, which is quite surprising when you take in to account the number of brawls he had participated in. A couple of broken teeth were the only evidence of his military exploits.

Shamus had fought as a soldier, alongside his Master, Conor’s Father throughout many long and arduous campaigns. Amongst his many attributes Shamus was an expert forager, Wherever they found themselves, at whatever time of the year, Shamus, his Master and their comrades in arms never went hungry, no matter what it took to achieve that end.

Sometimes it was the winnings from cards or dice, both at which Shamus excelled, although he was occasionally called out for cheating, no one lived to prove it. If things proved truly grim, He would eventually venture in to a nearby town and woo some rich widow or a lady whose husband was away in the wars.

His Master and comrades knew the games he was pursuing, but were quite happy to live off the proceeds, no questions asked. When his Master returned home to his farm in Ireland, It was I suppose only natural to offer Shamus the position of Foreman  and General Factotum.

Shamus accepted willingly, he had done his share of fighting and thought it would be good to return to his homeland. He had a little money put by, and the offer of a decent job. The return home seemed quite a rosy prospect.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 79 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 79 )

  Catherine Eddowes, the woman who after Mary Kelly, I despised the most. This was the woman who had convinced Mary to have a back-street abortion, that had cost me my unborn Daughter and Mary, almost her life.

I felt the urge to mutilate and deface her much more than the others. Even though she was dead, I still felt the need for vengeance, revenge for my unborn child.

I gripped my scalpel and began cutting, as I began to mutilate her corpse, I felt a mixture of pleasure and relief. After a while, I heard footsteps pounding on the pavement. So, I put away my tools and made good my escape.

At approximately 1.45 a.m. Catherine Eddowes body is discovered by Constable Edward Watkins in Mitre Square. Doctor Frederick Gordon Brown, a Police surgeon, arrived at Mitre Square at 2 a.m. his report is as follows:

The body was on its back, head turned to left shoulder. the arms by the side of the body as if fallen there. Both palms upwards, fingers slightly bent. The left leg extended in a line with the body. The abdomen was exposed, right leg bent at knee and thigh. The throat was cut across.

The intestines were drawn out to a large extent and placed over the right shoulder .. they were smeared over with some feculent matter. A piece of about two feet in length was quite detached from the body, and was placed between the body and the left arm, apparently by design. The lobe and auricle of the right ear were cut obliquely through.

There was a quantity of clotted blood on the pavement on the left side of the neck, round the shoulder and the upper part of the arm. And fluid blood – coloured serum which had flowed under the neck to the right shoulder, the pavement sloping in that direction.

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Air Aces of World War One


buddecke 2.png
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Hauptmann Hans-Joachim Buddecke – German/ Turkish Ace 1890 / 1918 Pt.2

Buddecke scored his and the new units first victory on the 19th of September 1915; a B.E.2c of No.8 Squadron R.F.C., crewed by pilot Lieutenant W.H.Nixon and observer Captain J.N.S. Stott. Opening fire from 200 Metres he disabled the observer’s machine gun, although Captain Stott then returned fire with a pocket pistol. It was shot out of his hands at a range of ten metres and Nixon was hit. Buddecke’s gun then jammed when its cartridge belt tore in the slipstream. As Buddecke struggled with the jammed gun, stot clambered atop the shoulders of his dying pilot, set his heels on the pilots knees to control the rudder and bent forward to grab the controls. Buddecke cleared his gun and now aimed at the British observer’s Yellow leather coat. The B.E.2c crash landed near Saint Quentin. Buddecke drove to the wreck after landing, where the uninjured captive Stott showed him the bullet holes in his coat. Buddecke followed this up on with a confirmed claim on the 23rd of October, a B.E.2 of No.13 Squadron R.F.C. with, Captain C.H.Marks and Lieutenant W.G.Lawrence, the brother of Lawrence of Arabia. and 11th November, and an unconfirmed victory on the 6th of December 1915.

Buddecke was then sent to Gallipoli to fly the Halberstadt DII and Fokker EIII with the Ottoman F.A.6 against the Royal Naval Air Service. The Turkish Campaign was a success with four confirmed and seven unconfirmed victories, and Buddecke was personally awarded the Gold Liakat Medal by Enver Pasha. He was recalled to the western front in late August 1916 as leader of the newly formed Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 4. After three kills during September, he was recalled to Turkey to fly with Ottoman FA5.

By early 1918, he was back in France with Royal Prussian Jasta 30, before switching to Royal Prussian Jagdstaffel 18. Within a few days Buddecke was killed during an aerial combat above Lens, France on the 10th of March 1918, a victim to the Sopwith Camels of No.3 Naval Squadron R.N.A.S. Buddecke was the third German Flyer after Boelcke and Immelmann to be awarded the Order le pour de Merite, the highly coveted Blue Max.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 78 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 78 )

  He went to the International Working Men’s Educational Club, which was the nearest building and returned with two men, Isaac Kozebrodsky and Morris Eagle, the trio discovered that she was dead, her throat cut!

They re-entered the club and raised the hue and cry, but they were too late, the moment that the returned to the club, I was away, I had no intention of hanging around to be caught by the mob.

Louis Diemschutz , When questioned later by the Police, said that he was certain that the Ripper was still in the premises when he arrived, he said he could sense his presence. How right he was. I had made good my escape, and would return to kill again, hopefully before this night was over.

When conversing with Inspector Abberline after the killings, He mentioned the various men who had been seen prior to and after the killings. It appeared that McGinty in his various guises had certainly muddied the water.

But back to the business in hand, I caught Catherine Eddowes in Mitre Square at around 12.20  a.m. she didn’t appear at all surprised to see me, the last words she uttered were, ‘I knew it was you all along, but no one would believe me?’

Well no one will hear her now, as she lay dying on the damp pavement, with her throat slit and her life’s blood ebbing away. Much too late, what a shame!

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Zombies by the Sea Excerpt 27

Zombies by the Sea – Excerpt 27

  The Mayor who had woken, with a terrible hangover and a strong foreboding of tragedy, he had decided not to do a runner. As always, he would weather the storm, he had been in worse scrapes and survived. he would survive Maude James.

She was pretty wasted, she may not even remember about the engagement, and also hopefully that he had, had sexual intercourse with her, not that it was that great, but she made a big thing of it none the less. Brandy may be conducive to sex, but it doesn’t help one to perform the act, not one little bit.

God! what a nightmare, how did I manage to get in this mess thought the Mayor. Best to ignore it and hope it might go away and remember to avoid Maude at all costs. I do really need to sober up and think this through. I’m the most devious person in Littlehampton, there has to be a way I can talk or wheedle my way out of this without it costing me money or loss of reputation.

He sat for a moment, considering his options, then it suddenly dawned on him, if he was already married, he couldn’t possibly marry Maude. It made perfect sense, why hadn’t he thought of it before, but before he wasn’t in this mess, so had no need too.

He had never proposed to Maude, so there were no witnesses, it was all a figment of her brandy fuelled imagination. But on the negative side he had had sexual intercourse with her, but at her invitation, even though he had plied her with drink. But once again there were no witnesses, for or against.

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Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 2

Conor Dillon – Beginnings Excerpt 2

  Sinead, his Mother’s maidservant and companion offered what comfort she could to his Mother. Shamus, his Father’s foreman and general factotum picked me up and carried me inside and set me down to warm in front of a roaring fire.

He held me at arm’s length and looked me in the eye, ‘You are going to have to shape up now m’boy, you are now the man of the house,’ he stated seriously, ‘I will help you in every way that I can, never be afraid to ask for my advice if you think it is needed, I was your Father’s man and now I am your man, for as long as you need me!’

Conor, studied Shamus, the skinny little man had always been there, but he began to realise just how little he knew about him. it annoyed him that he knew so little about this man who was offering to be a confidante and possible mentor as he grew up. he must if they were to survive. Of one thing he was certain, he could place his trust in Shamus, he was held in high esteem by my Father, so that would also hold with me.

Shamus O’Malley was a small but wiry individual, but for all he lacked in size and strength, he could more than hold his own in any melee. His strength was all of the mind, guile and cunning were his weapons, due to his diminutive size he was always underestimated by his opponents, whosoever the were.

Shamus’s favoured weapon was the knife of which he carried three, one each side of his belt and the third in a sheath at the back of his neck. This knife he could draw and throw in seconds, many a man had died who thought himself safe because he had Shamus in his musket sights.

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An Apology

An Apology

  Due in some part to the very unusual hot weather we are experiencing in the United Kingdom at the moment. I am experiencing severe difficulties, both getting and keeping a connection. I have done all the usual diagnostic checks, and my computer keeps assuring me I have a connection, so I can only blame it on the vagaries of the weather.

So, if I have failed to acknowledge your likes or comments I once again apologise, it was never my intention to be offhand or rude. Hopefully we will soon have a cooler spell and normal service as they say will be resumed.

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Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 77 )

Jack the Ripper – A Love Story ( Excerpt 77 )

  I caught up on a little sleep, I would need my wits about me for this night’s work. At 11.45 I covered myself with my dark cloak, put on my hat, picked up my Doctor’s bag and set off to find Liz Stride, My first victim of the night as I had planned.

If all went well, and to plan, Whitechapel would be two whores less and poor Mary Kelly would be left friendless …..How sad for poor Mary!

I finally located Liz Stride at about 12.45 a.m. she was just approaching Dutfield’s Yard. I attracted her attention and she entered the yard. It was quite dark and it had been raining so I don’t believe that she recognised me, she probably mistook me for a customer.

It was too late for her when she discovered the truth, I had already slit her throat, I was just about to begin to mutilate her, when I was distracted by the sound of a walking horse close by. I left the body, grabbed my bag and headed for the darkest corner of the Yard, once there I pulled my cloak up to cover my face, the darkness would be my saviour. the shadows my hideaway.

A horse and cart came trundling in to the Yard, The horse reared when it sensed the body. The driver, one, Louis Diemschutz, a salesman of jewellery, probed the obstacle with his whip, because his horse refused to proceed. On discovering it was a body he dismounted from his cart believing her to be drunk or sleeping.

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