Seasons Greetings




I would like to wish all my friends and followers on WordPress a very merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

My thanks for all the messages of sympathy in my recent spell of illness, I go into the Hospital shortly for open heart surgery, then after a couple of months rehabilitation I hope to return to WordPress.

Regards Malkie

A Christmas Ghost Story

  Wending my way homeward after a particularly satisfying evening at my Gentleman’s club. I did not in any way consider myself inebriated, just in that happy state that only good wine and amiable company can impart.

I happened to look up, something had attracted my attention and there in a upper window stood a woman dressed in white, I tried not to stare, but I could not help myself, she had attracted my attention.

As I stared, she appeared to be mouthing something, ‘Help me, Help Me!’ I paused for a moment trying to fully comprehend the event that I had just witnessed. I looked up again but the widows were empty, the curtains were drawn, she was gone.

On a sudden Impulse, I rushed forwards and rapped loudly on the door with my cane. A short time elapsed and then the door was opened by a rather surly looking individual who did not appear to be at all happy to be awakened from his slumber.

‘What is the meaning of this, young man, have you nothing better to do than wake honest god fearing people from their slumber.’ he said somewhat angrily.

And I, like a fool replied, ‘I have come to rescue the young lady that you have imprisoned in your attic room.’

He looked at me and started laughing, You, young man should take more water with your spirits, the only occupants of this house are my elderly wife and I, now on your way Sir, before I call a constable!’

So, there it was, once again I had made a fool of myself, but I was not totally convinced. Damn it all! I was entranced by the woman in the window, where do I go from here?

The following night , not wishing to make a fool of myself again. I arrived at the house at much the same time, but on this occasion stone cold sober.

Once again, I looked up and there she was, pleading with me, imploring me, ‘Help me, Help me! I longed to help her, truth to say I was attracted to her. But what to do? that was  the question. I strode away from the house feeling totally perplexed. I could hear the sounds of Christmas carols carried on the wind, but I felt no cause for celebration.

I made a note of the address and approached one of my acquaintances who worked as a reporter on one of the broadsheets. I gave him all the details and arranged to meet him at the club the following night.

On arrival, his opening words were, ‘You better get yourself a stiff drink, old boy, I have a feeling that you might need it!’ I summoned the waiter, ordered two double brandies, sunk one and gave the other to my friend.

I checked the address that you gave me for incidents concerning young women and discovered that twenty years ago, a young woman named Chastity de Vere married a gambler and libertine named Percy Lambert.

She discovered he was cheating on her, she pleaded with him to change his ways, he laughed at her and told her that she was a simpering fool and her only attraction was her fortune, which he was rapidly squandering on cards and whores.

In shock, she turned and ran, smashing straight through the attic window to land with broken body on the pavement below.

‘An interesting tale.’ I said, ‘But what as that to do with my predicament? ‘The woman you find yourself attracted to is the ghost of Chastity de Vere!’

From that day on, I have cut back on my alcohol intake, indeed at one low point in my life I even considered joining the Temperance Society and now whenever Christmas comes around I think of Chastity de Vere and tremble visibly. God rest ye Merry Gentlemen, I was just a little merry, consider my fate!

(C) Damian  Grange 2019