The Ninth Victim – Excerpt 28

Valjean still could not accept that they had killed eight innocent young girls merely to incriminate one man with their murders. They were all either raving mad or there had to be a deeper reason?

Then suddenly a thought struck him, what if Dupin was the one with a penchant for young girls. He was a man no one would suspect, and he was in the perfect position to place the blame on de Peysac, a convicted rapist. Now it was all beginning to make sense.

The woman was just an excuse, not a reason. Brilliant deduction, thought Valjean but a little late in this particular game and how do I prove it while my own and de Peysac’s life are in jeopardy.

Then just as Valjean thought that all was lost, suddenly a voice rang out, ‘Police, you are surrounded, drop your weapons and place your hands behind your heads.’

Dupin immediately grabbed Valjean with the intention of using him as a shield. Valjean smiled to himself, this was just the move he had expected him to make. Dupin was an administrator, he hadn’t spent time on the streets like Valjean and that inexperience would prove to be his undoing.

Valjean stamped on Dupin’s foot at the same time doing a reverse headbutt. As Dupin fell Valjean wrenched the pistol from his hand and pointed it at him. Now their situations were reversed.

‘Now Bruno, if you will be so kind as to untie Monsieur de Peysac and please don’t try to be smart, I really think I would enjoy killing you, so please don’t tempt me,’

As Valjean spoke, several armed and uniformed Police surrounded the area, led by a tall man in civilian clothes.

(C) Damian Grange 2021

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